sans titre


好的词句总是在不经意的时候跳到我的脑中,而一切就绪的时候他们却又消失得没有了踪影,不留下一点点的蛛丝马迹。对省略号的使用也到了泛滥的程度,严重影响心情……I’m sorry that i don’t mean to use it, but i can’t help doing that, so forgive me

Anyway, I just came back from Paris. There’s something i want to talk about but I’ve no idea how to say… well, maybe i should have a little drink and then every strange thing could disappear from my mind.

Voilà, ce que je veux dire est j’aime paris


2 Responses to sans titre

  1. 姗姗说道:


  2. Lin说道:

    mais tu n’as pas fait des commentaires…..rien du tout


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